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The Lithuanian Association in Ireland (in Lithuanian: Airijos Lietuvių Bendruomenė, abbr. – ALB) is a non-profit organisation, legally incorporated as a limited company, acting according to its own articles and the laws of the Republic of Ireland.

ALB is composed of regional Communities. Each registered member of ALB is attached to a regional Community according to his/her place of residence in Ireland. The regional Communities act independently, organising meetings and cultural events, as well as electing the chairman of the regional Community and the representatives to the General Congress, the top governing body of the Lithuanian Association in Ireland.

At present ALB is composed of six regional Communities - Dublin, Cork, Galway, Dundalk, Killarney & Mayo.

The General Congress of the Lithuanian Association in Ireland deals with the key issues of ALB, elects the chairman of ALB and approves both the Administration and Revision Committee of ALB. The Revision Committee conducts the internal audit of the organization.

The principal supervising body is the Board of ALB, consisting of the chairmen of regional Communities and the chairman of ALB.

The ALB Administration executes and supervises interregional projects and coordinates the activities between regional Communities.

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