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Monday, 19th of November, 2018

I Miss You (or) We Are Each Others' Angels


I Miss You (or) We Are Each Others' Angels

I took the first step.

Then another.

And the tale had begun.

I was compelled to relate the story of the people with whom I have grown and changed, and to attempt to reacquaint the reader with us. It has been said that we left Lithuania for the money. At some point along the way it was forgotten that we came here in search of adventure and the craic. It is hard to accept that some of the friends we left back home are wary of embracing the multi-cultural experience which we have been lucky enough to have. It is easy to be afraid of that which you do not know. Only a cosmopolitan and well informed person can hope to address large-scale problems internationally or in his own country.

Thus, I decided to tackle the problem directly instead of complaining about it. It is now time to break down the stereotypes and get to know each other in person. I hereby present you with the almanac of the Four Winds school, which is also about the Lithuanian community in Ireland; I Miss You (or) We Are Each Others' Angels.

Laura Garbatavičiūtė Down

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